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Dacoll’s Storage and Backup Services are designed to provide managed storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to help increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services, expert technical assistance and managed storage capacity can help address the rapidly growing data volumes associated with your business.

Dacoll’s Storage and Backup Services expertise allows us to deliver enhanced support on critical system to the NHS as well as for commercial customers. Our engineers work closely with our key partners to offer flexible and cost-effective service packages tailored to your specific needs to provide:

  • On demand access to scalable storage, helping you plan for growth
  • Support for next-generation storage-intensive applications and expansion
  • Offsite storage to facilitate disaster recovery
  • Security-rich storage environments to assure the integrity of business-critical data
  • Access to specialised technical skills


SAN Managed Storage Services: Store large volumes of data in a security-enhanced SAN environment provided and managed by Dacoll.

Standard Backup and Restore: Reliable, flexible, security-rich, network-based backup at a very affordable price.

Dedicated Backup and Restore: Dedicated storage management to handle backup and restoration functions.

Online Hot Database Backup: 24×7 capability to back up selected databases without interrupting business transactions.

High Performance Backup and Restore: Rapid backup and restoration of large amounts of data by moving data transfers to a data network or SAN.

Offsite Data Storage: Increase your level of data protection by adding offsite data storage. Duplicate copies of your backup are automatically created and transferred daily to a security-rich offsite storage facility.

Storage Assistance: On-call consulting support from skilled Dacoll personnel who can help you implement a sound backup and restoration strategy and provide onsite support for operational tasks.

Hosting Services:  A flexible array of scalable services that grow with your business and enable you to respond dynamically to a rapidly changing marketplace.

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