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In the past, restrictive service pricing may have put serious constraints on your ability to get the maximum value out of the SAN systems you are currently using. You may have even been forced into refreshing your technology before you’re ready. But now you can take advantage of Dacoll’s SAN Maintenance Services, maximising your return on investment, ensuring that your SAN solutions remain operational and at peak performance, and allowing you to use your financial resources more effectively.

We provide comprehensive SAN maintenance and support services to help you access resources whenever you need them and derive maximum value from your information infrastructure. With innovative online support tools, proactive secure remote support services, and a portfolio of advanced options, you can tailor your SAN maintenance and support services to your precise requirements.

  • 24×7 alerting and monitoring
  • Optimisation and tuning services
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Residency services
  • Break Fix (utilising Dacoll warranty provider status)
  • EMC On-Site Support Provider (VSS)


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