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Managing desktop assets can be a resource heavy job, with ongoing issues and small fixes diverting your in-house IT professionals from core tasks, and the need to store parts and spares locally eating into physical assets. Should desktop hardware fail it can cause untold damage to your business as employees struggle to interact with your systems and ensure business as usual. In addition, numerous distributed desktops means lifecycle management is complex and unpredictable, and costs can escalate if not followed closely.

Our 24x7x365 Desktop Maintenance Service offers multiple and variable options to meet these challenges. We offer a full range of maintenance options for your whole estate and build in meaningful Service Level Agreements with remote hardware monitoring, management and application monitoring as required.

These central, “Zero Touch” services, ensure your users enjoy fully maintained systems and available to your business. All our engineers are manufacturer-accredited and we aim for a single visit fix to minimise business disruption.

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