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At the core of your IT challenges is a perennial cycle where maintaining existing systems consumes the majority of your budgets, leaving little to reinvest in growing your business.

Cloud computing and virtualisation give you new opportunities to drive innovation, minimise your process, training and technology overheads and maximise your IT investments and business agility. As well as delivering quicker and cheaper access to compute resources, facilitating workforce mobility, enhancing collaboration and enabling wider initiatives (such as big data), Cloud computing and virtualisation lead to a more productive business where innovation thrives and products are brought to market quickly.

Like many organisations, you could benefit from significantly reduced TCO by implementing a virtual environment. If you’ve put it off due to lack of in-house expertise, now you can move ahead with confidence by partnering with Dacoll – the Cloud computing and virtualisation experts.

With years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting virtualised and Cloud environments for business of all sizes, we have strategic relationships with the world’s major providers of virtualisation and Cloud technologies, so you can realise the full benefits of virtualisation, increase your Cloud maturity and establish a framework for an easily adaptable and scalable IT environment that delivers the services, flexibility and capabilities that you need – both today and for the future.

Dacoll is a cloud service provider under the UK Government’s G-cloud initiative

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